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Breast cancer not a death sentence – BCT

BREAKTHROUGH Cancer Trust (BCT) Zambia says breast cancer is not a death sentence. BREAKTHROUGH Cancer Trust (BCT) Zambia says breast cancer is not a death sentence.
Speaking in an interview with the Lusaka Star, BCT executive committee member Joyce Kabwe said there was need to educate women about breast and cervical cancer in order to combat some of the negative attitudes that people have towards the disease.
Ms. Kabwe, who is a breast cancer survivor for 20 years narrated that there were no facilities for cancer treatment at the time she was diagnosed.
She further added that after being diagnosed with breast cancer, she was sent to South Africa for an operation and treatment.
“Life still continues after someone is diagnosed with breast cancer and even after having their breasts removed. Women need to be educated that breast cancer is not in any way a death sentence,” Ms. Kabwe said.
Meanwhile, another BCT executive committee member Inonge Chitamba said women ought to be concerned about their own health.
“Women need to overcome the myths about breast cancer and take a stand for their health and future. They are afraid of the unknown and prefer to die silently than know what they are suffering from and get treatment,” she said.
Ms Chitamba also explained that the Trust provides free prosthesis (fake breast) after mastectomy (removal of breast).
She said although such items are expensive to acquire, they can easily be obtained from the Trust.
Ms. Chitamba, a breast cancer survival for 11 years has since advised women to stop smoking and reduce on alcohol intake; eat healthy foods and exercise regularly to prevent cancer.
Breakthrough Cancer Trust (BCT) Zambia is a nongovernmental organisation aimed at educating women on self-examination and the importance of regular breast cancer check-ups.

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