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CEHF congratulates president HH on his triumphant poll victory

The Children’s Environmental Health Foundation (CEHF) would like to congratulate his Excellency Hakainde Hichilema for his well won and deserved election as the country’s 7th Republican President of Zambia.

The NGOs like CEHF work with the government of the day in promoting environmental and public health which is an in-country and cross-border concern and we need a lot of support from his Excellency to achieve our goals

CEHF Chairperson Michael Musenga stated that global, public and environmental health issues such as phasing out lead-in-paint were important and therefore it needed government intervention by government establishing legislation to guide the production of safe paints as per health requirements.

He mentioned that plastic pollution, making a Mercury–Free Dentistry environment in Zambia, eliminating Mercury in Lighting products and phasing out High Hazardous Pesticides that may affect many people and all areas of safety and solutions were cardinal to promoting health for women, expectant mothers, and children.

Mr Musenga stated that addressing the global, public, and environmental health issues were vital to promoting good health at both the national and global level which in turn helps maintain global security.

“Participation in our national health issues is important because it aims to improve national health, access to health care services and the quality of health care for all,” he said.

The CEHF boss expressed happiness on the election of Mr Hichilema and stated his history on team building, access to health care, and community development will help achieve the milestones placed on addressing the public, global, and environmental health issues in the country.

“We are excited as an organization on his election and the organization is rest assured of fruitful deliverables of health issues in the country because of his track record of execution on different forums of leadership and team-building that we have learned from this historical performance from his Excellency,” he stated.

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