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The fashion industry is getting extremely competitive as designers strive to remain on top of the game, but some of these designs seem to be overdoing it. WE see fashion trends evolving over the years, which are basically just old trends revived, but evolving nevertheless.

As one walks into a clothing store to pick an item of clothing, one can see various designs ranging from simple to outrageous all in the name of creativity. The fashion industry is getting extremely competitive as designers strive to remain on top of the game, but some of these designs seem to be overdoing it.

However, let’s not pin it all on the designers. Their purpose is just to create a look for a certain target audience and hopefully generate capital out of it for a living. So what about the target audiences who simply buy the clothes and then create a look that is unique to them?.

Even as one takes a simple walk and watches various masses in different areas at shopping malls, work places and school grounds, they witness people of all ages, male or female in different styles of clothing depending on their occupation, destination and personality.

While most males seem to take a more simplistic fashion sense-excluding the brightly coloured clothes, odd hairdos and slim fit jeans so tight they cannot walk, females on the other hand seem to have a wider variety of odd fashion flavour.

From half their hair missing to clothes that look like they are a work in progress with pieces of fabric missing but still somehow overly bedazzled forcing people to look away in the sunlight lest their retinas be damaged permanently.

Several individuals say that fashion can be used to describe one’s personality or mood as it is an expression of oneself. Can this be said of a bank manager or priest who has to dress a certain way despite the aforementioned compounding factors and more? Or lost individuals who simply copy what they see on television especially from role models?.

This then brings to mind the question of how far people are willing to go in the name of ‘expressing themselves’. It just seems to be a desperate cry for attention or lack of originality and wanting to be like someone else.

This summer has especially brought out the most ‘creative’ in individuals as they attempt to take advantage of the heat with exuberant colours and summery designs, although a small number of culprits try to keep the saying ‘fashion beats the weather’ alive by wearing thick jerseys or winter boots simply because it completes their look.

All in all, fashion can be used for many things such as already mentioned expression of oneself, fitting into the fabrics of society or just for the fun of it. It is all about fun with an edge and a slight sense of decency. It is about a sense of style that follows the latest trends but still remains true to who you really are, wearing what best suits your body and complexion-not oversized or too tight clothes with bold prints that make one look like a badly bruised peacock. Leave runway looks for the runway, and not every piece of clothing sold has to be bought just for the sake of it.

Enjoy fashion, but be mindful of some of the consequences overdoing it may bring. Signing off with the old but best fashion advice ‘less is more’, you can never go wrong with that.

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