One Zambia, A Divided Nation

  • I stand on a hill, heavily burdened
    and proclaim my message
    to mother Zambia and her children.
    Too many times have we heard
    ‘One Zambia, One Nation’
    yet we are divided and in conflict
    with the voiceless not being heard
    the innocent being tormented
    with the earth being soaked in their blood.
    while the opresser looks on for his next victim,
    no one seeks truth anymore
    Patriotism a forgotten cause
    Did our freedom fighters fight in vain?

But like the flower that grows in the swamp
there is hope and a future for us
One by one we should break barriers
Unite as one with God in our hearts
Let him be your truth
Justice should not be an echo
We should live on God’s word
Reach out to that person in need
Rebuild homes and mend broken hearts
Break that chain of oppression
Envision a future where one zambia, one nation
Will truly live in our hearts.



Milimo Namangala

I am currently pursuing an undergraduate programme in media and communication studies at the University of Zambia. I am taking psychology as my minor. As many great writers have said in the past, words do have power to change lives.