Music production is more than just sitting in front of a computer, open audio editing softwares and start adding beats to pre-recorded voices. It demands more than that!

It is an art that requires passion, determination and an extra sense for listening to very small music notes as revealed in a chat with legendary music producer Yahya Kaba popularly known as Killer Beats (KB) and proprietor of  K Amy studios located in Lusaka’s Kabwata Township.

Born  on 20th June 1983, KB as he is popularly known is the founder and CEO of K Amy studio which he named after his first born daughter Amy Kaba.

KB did his primary as well as secondary education at Makeni Islamic School right here in Lusaka and later went to Massi computing college in 2003 to study computer system engineering.

“I went as far as obtaining a diploma but had challenges finishing college and it was then that I decided to get into the entertainment business” jovial KB explained.

He added that in 2004 he joined Choice FM but left the named radio station for Q FM where he worked from 2005 to 2013.

“It was during my stay at Q FM that I decided to open my own music production company in 2008 which I named K Amy” he explained.

After leaving Q FM in 2013, KB briefly worked for Muvi television as a presenter and TV producer.

He later went to join Rock FM where he is currently working as an on air presenter for a breakfast show.

Since its inception in 2008, K Amy has become a house hold name in the Zambian music industry producing award winning music hit singles and albums.

Killer Beats: photo credit K Army studios

He has produced for many artist including the late P.Jay, Neo, kanthu, Jay Cash, Alpha Romeo, Judy, T Sean, B flow, Tyce and Lvee to mention but a few.

KB is the man behind hits such as Doubting by Judy, ba Yaweh by Alpha Romeo; I love you by Jay cash, thanks to your Ex by the fast growing newbie Neo and kaduka chain by Dambisa amongst endless list of his hits.

“KB is very talented, he can hear music notes behind what the normal human ear can hear, he is a music Guru, a legend he is just spectacular” a smiley Neo Explained.

Neo added that KB is an awesome person to work with as he will encourage you and talk to you when you fall short.

Neo added that KB is more than a producer to many musicians. He is friend that one would call on in times of need.

He further said that due to his determination and passion for music production, KB will go on to produce big artists in the world.

Shadrick Mumba popularly known as DJ Epic of UNZA radio described KB’s work as an extraordinary piece of work that leaves Zambian music fans wanting for more every time he jumps on a track.

“Any work that passes through KB becomes an instant hit, like I cannot think of a song he produced that did not become an anthem for a long time-the man is that good” Epic said.

He added that he has given Zambian music a different modern feel which of international standard making Zambian artist able to be recognised and be able to compete Internationally.

Asked what he would have done if not music production, KB laughed and said “Public Relations (PR)would have loved to be a P.R guy”.

Kaba said in the next few years he sees K Amy being a very big music production label  and as it clocks 10 years this June, he is thankful to his fans for the continued support over the years.

“The great are not born great, they grow great” Mario Puzzo. This is KB’s favourite quote because he believes its passion, dedication, determination and self-discipline that make people great.

He said everything and anything is possible if you believe.

KB is currently the treasurer for the Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM).

By Sharon Phiri and Aphius Kaputula

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