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Vinchenzo M’bale drops out of Kwacha Music Awards

Vincent Daka famously known as Vinchenzo M’bale has dropped out of the 2023 Kwacha Music Awards.

In a Facebook live video, Vinchenzo M’bale, said that he is not happy for being nominated in the category of ‘best new comer’, saying that he is not a new comer.

“I felt very uncomfortable for being nominated under the category ‘Lusaka best artist because all along, if the Sun FM has been following the branch Vinchenzo M’bale, I always represent the Eastern Province,” Vinchenzo said.

He also said that he appreciates the system for coming out to educate artists about how the Kwacha Music Awards are being planned but that it is not the right way of managing the event.

“I didn’t know about the radio thing, the only thing I knew is my name on the kwacha music categories and I don’t know how it came about, who voted and who nominated me,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kwacha Music Awards Chairperson Davis Kabuswe, said that the event was created in 2016 like a constitution and that the board came up with guidelines which are in the public domain.

He also said that the committee has representatives every year from Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) to ensure people really know what the Kwacha Music Awards are.

“So when you come and say that they are being done in a wrong way, they are not because the constitution of the Kwacha Music Awards was fair which was done in 2016 by artists who were involved and these radio awards were arrived at by the artists themselves because they needed somebody to come through for them,” he said.

He further said that artists were called to discuss how they wanted these awards to run and that as a radio station they thought of having more radio stations at Sun Fm to nominate artists.

“We are working with 40 radio stations country wide, every province is represented and if you look at the nominations file, the file has got rules and each radio station requires to have three personalities who sit to nominate the songs that are happening on there radio stations,” he explained.

Mr. Kabuswe also said that when the radio station nominations are done, they send them to the Kwacha Music Awards committee for evaluation.

And Dexter Chomba a Zambian music fan said that the Kwacha Music Awards is really a great event and that it has helped Zambian artists get recognized in their respective categories in what they do best.

“It is important that the Zambian Association of Musicians try as much as possible to at least educate themselves on how these awards are being done, in that way, things will be done accordingly,” he said.

Kwacha Music Awards nominates and awards artists according to their respective categories and Sun FM Zambia has organized the Kwacha Music Awards which are set to take place on September 30th this year.

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