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Dizmo drops ‘Umuntu Mutwe’

Hip-hop artist Dizmo has kicked off his 2024 musical pursuit with a brand new 24 track album Umuntu Mutwe.

He says Umuntu mutwe is a continuation of his first album Ghetto to Mayadi which was released about 2 years ago.

“[Umuntu Mutwe] is a project about mindset, it is important for an individual to use their head to survive,” Dizmo said.

Umuntu Mutwe which was released last friday features the renowned artist Macky 2 in the intro ‘bit by bit’ and ends with two bonus tracks,one been Judgment day featuring Malaiti and Selamanyo.

Dizmo also said the messages communicated in the songs transcend boarders as the lessons are relatable despite one’s origin or race.

“If you look at the album cover it has a picture of different races which includes that of a black woman, a colored girl and white woman because we are trying to cross boarders and just communicate with the mass,” He said.

Edward Chomba a fan,said Dizmo’s music carries educational messages that touch many souls.

“I have known Dizmo for years now and I like how he communicates with different people especially myself through his music because it’s really cool and beneficial to many,” He said.

“This album truly is a hit and so far my favorite song on the list is ‘I Do’ because it reminds us that we have to appreciate one another.”

And Chef 187 said he is happy to feature in the album’s ‘all networks’ song alongside Y ace.

He hailed Dizmo for been consistent in his music career and demonstrating diligence in the production of Umuntu Mutwe.

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