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“Pole Pole” album tour set for September.

The Atmosphere Nation in partnership with Kwitu FM and Remmon Events has announced that the Pole Pole album music tour will take place in September this year.

According to a post on Atmosphere Nation Facebook page, the event is set for a fun and music galore experience at the Pole Pole family show at Piazza East Park Mall in Lusaka.

In a press briefing, Chaka Nyathando popularly known as Pompi, said that he is honored to be part of the music industry and that it is all about partnerships and working together.

He also said that the album is more of culture and consistency and that there is need to have a lot of collaborations.

“The tour will start in Uganda on 2nd September, there is a lot of things ahead in the album and I want to archive a friendly environment because gospel music is all about family nature,” he said.

Pompi added that the reason he partnered with Kwitu FM is because the company has put itself in a position where they are partnering with artists to empower them and also that it is accessible.

“I believe music is spiritual and I don’t treat it carelessly,” Pompi said.

Meanwhile, in a Facebook live address, CEO at Remmon Events Daniel Mwiinga, said that partnering with Kwitu FM in organizing this music tour is an exciting opportunity for the companybecause Pompi’s brand is one of the biggest brands in the country and that it is representing the country at an international level.

“As a company we are excited for the brand because Pompi’s brand is all about excellence and Kwitu is bringing to us trust and quality,” Mr. Mwiinga said.

He also said that as a company, they will keep the consistency in organizing the show and making sure that it is historical.

And, Kwitu FM Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mukamba Mwenda Jr. said that the Pole Pole album is not just a concert when it comes to the ministry.

“Pompi has put together an album and we are working with sound wave for the family concert at the Piazza and Blaza Events for the VIP concert,” he said.

And a number of people including artists in the Zambian music industry have shown positive support in being part of the upcoming musical tour.

“I am looking forward to this amazing concert that’s aligned up. Pompi is a humble artist and has invested in this album. He is one selfless man,” said Ephraim.

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