Ordinarily for most, graduating from the medical field leaves no room for pursuing other careers especially a career in the entertainment industry.

But for social media sensation stanslous kabamba, popularly known as the happiness ambassador, has broken the odds and pursued both careers.

The social media sensation and new graduate in the medical field is set to release his first single dubbed ‘Tough Times never last’.

He revealed that the inspiration behind the song are the hardships he faced while pursuing his medical career and generally the day to day life experiences.

“The inspiration behind the song is derived from the struggle that I went through in the medical field. Especially studying medicine in a foreign language and what we go through in our day to day lives,” he said.

Meanwhile, on his mission in the music industry, the happiness ambassador seeks to continue sharing happiness with the less fortunate and hope’s to help them become hopeful despite lifes hardships.

In the same light, the artist advised that through determination and hardwork it is possible to make it through anything.

The new artist broke social media with a chain of videos that reveals real life issues and scenarios in the life of a young man.

Episode 16 of the viral chain videos