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Gerald Sata: a rising musical star.

“Music is my life, whenever I am depressed, I always turn to record a new song so as to make life easier” Gerald Sata.

After sweeping the people of Zambia off their feet with a performance at his father’s funeral, 16 year old Gerald Sata has decided to join the Zambian music scene.

Gerald who is a student at St. Albans College in Pretoria, South Africa describes his life as amazing and awesome and owes it all to God and his family.

Music is my life, whenever I am depressed, I always turn to record a new song so as to make life easier” he said.

His love and desire for music started when he heard a song ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ by Hip Hops royal couple Beyoncé and Jay Z. Gerald did not sing by then, instead played musical instruments such as the violin and piano.

He give credit to his mother, Dr Christine Mwelwa Kaseba Sata who he says was also a singer and trained him with his vocals.

Gearld states that his mother helped him with his music which led him to sing at church and school. He then entered a singing competition which earned him a gold medal.

When asked on how his music will be different for the rest, Gerald says “Am aiming at doing things differently. For my first album, I will start with a love type of feeling so as to enter the world of music. My song titled ‘when am with you’ it is a love song that talks about someone in love who tells his/her partner that they have to be themselves when they are together.”

My inspirations for these songs are from my late father and ex-girlfriend” he says.

With albums to come, he hopes to change the theme to dance and other genres. His aim is to connect with his listeners by stirring up their emotions.

He perceives the Zambian music industry as one that is different from other music industries. “It is still growing and being pushed to the top. A lot of work has to be done to have our music finally compete internationally.”

He says he does not expect the process of fitting into the scene to be an easy one because there are so many good artistes in the industry adding that competition is stiff, “you may never know who is better than you.”

I sees artistes like Lota house’s Pompi and Abel Chungu as my mentors. Am currently working with Abel Chungu on one of his songs titled ‘Michael’ which is a dedication to late President Michael Chilufya Sata” Gerald Sata adds.

When asked to comment whether he looks forward to be a politician like his late father, Gerald says he does not like politics because he likes to get along with other people. “Politics makes you hate others because you tend to get lies from other people and you dislike the other person.”

He says he is friends with other politicians’ children and he wouldn’t want to betray their friendship. “Politics is something I would never engage in” he says.

His new single will be uploaded online soon; he says he will put the song on iTunes so that people can download it.

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