The University of Zambia (UNZA) says the University will continue to create effective partnerships and collaborations with both local and international institutions to provide quality education, innovation and research services to the student.

UNZA International Link and Liason Manager Patricia Mwela Sakala said it is important for UNZA to produce students who are not only exposed locally but globally as well.

Partnering with other institutions like the Chinese South East University will not only help build the profile of the institution, but will also expose students to other global cultures through academic and cultural exchange programs.

Patricia Sakala

She added that partnerships in education will further help the school to succeed in providing the needs of their clients including excellent education, innovation and research services.

Sakala said that it is for this reason that UNZA has sent ten students and two staff members to China through the South East University partnership to learn the Chinese culture which will help them adapt easily during their postgraduate studies or if they decide to work there.

UNZA is also expecting the Vice Chancellor, students and delegates from the South East University to visit Zambia next year to learn more about UNZA and Zambia’s culture.

Sakala further said that UNZA is not only in partnership with China’s South East University but with institutions from other states including the United States of America, Finland, Sweden among others.

She however urged students who are on foreign exchange visits to various countries to be on their best behavior as they do not only represent the highest learning institutions in the country but Zambia as a whole.