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Bobby East Album release set for June

Zambian rapper Robert Chunga a.k.a. Bobby East is scheduled to release his long awaited album mid this year. ZAMBIAN rapper Robert Chunga a.k.a. Bobby East is scheduled to release his long awaited album mid this year.

Bobby east who came in to the scene in 2010 after his hit single ‘Paloma’ said his album will be released in June.

He said the album will contain songs like his current hit single ‘Hate mail’ among other songs which he says the fans will like.

Bobby East briefly disappeared from the music scene after the release of ‘Paloma’ to pursue his studies at ZCAS.

He however made his come back while still at ZCAS with the hit song ‘Bana Mulenga’ which received massive airplay on radio.

Bobby said ‘Hate mail’ has been welcomed by his fans and has taken him to many shows and concerts.

He explained that the song was inspired by real life events that he was going through at the time.

The song which was released in May 2013 talks about letters he got from anti- fans and friends who criticized him for only singing about money, girls, swag, the high life and not practical issues people face.

In the last verse of the song, Bobby answers’ questions asked by those who criticized him by saying that even though he passes through hardships, he would rather not sing about them but instead forget them and drown his sorrows with happy songs.

“I cannot begin to tell everyone that I haven’t eaten at home if that were the case. I would rather put my problems aside and be happy in the moment” the artist said.

“Usually people who are less fortunate in life are the most humorous because they laugh about life and still live on,” he added.

The artist added that when one goes to arcades shopping complex, they will find people who are usually gloomy and minding their own business whereas when you go to city market or Soweto, you will find people making merry.

He believes that is the disparity between people who live a comfortable life and those who don’t and hence his reason to sing about the happy things of life and not wallow in the unfortunates of life.

Bobby said his fans should look out for his album because it will have content they will enjoy.

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