The University of Zambia Student Union (UNZASU) has revised the prices of goods at its local store commonly known as “UNZA Spar”.

This follows outcries from the student populace concerning the over-pricing of commodities at the local store.

UNZASU Minister of Trade and Commerce Clement Mwakamui, said that the student union has implemented a policy that will ensure that goods are ordered directly from the manufactures in order to curb the issue of prices at the local store.

We have heard the outcry from the student populace concerning the issue of prices at “UNZA Spar” and i can assure them that modalities have been put in place on selected items to ensure that they are being sold at a standard price.

Mwakamui said.

He has, however, urged students to take note that retail prices of commodities at the local store are determined by the price at which the goods are ordered.

Revisions have been done and the incoming policy will ensure that price comparisons are made with nearby stores such as Shoprite and other surrounding shops in Kalingalinga.

he said.

He has assured that once, assessments are complete, a full report will be availed to the student populace.