Zambia Compulsory Standard Agency(ZCSA) has said companies or persons manufacturong peanut butter should be licensed.

Public Relations Officer Lee Haminji said peanut butter manufacturers are obliged to seek permission in writing from ZCSA of which permission is granted in form of a permit to supply licence.

“ZCSA through its Domestic Quality Monitoring Scheme of the inspections Department has been inspecting locally manufactured peanut butter to ensure that it’s safe for consumption”, said Mr Hamunji.

The PR officer said compliance of products to set standards and requirements is pivotal in ensuring that consumers are protected from sub-standard products in the country.

Mr Hamunji added that the surveillance essentially focuses on the compliance of the peanut butter to the compulsory Zambian Standard, ZS 723:2008 on two parameters namely moisture content and aflatoxin levels narrated.
He explained that all manufacturers are required to adhere to the set regulations of the Compulsory Standard Act and produce products that are safe and are of good quality.
Therefore manufacturers as well as suppliers of peanut butter have an obligation to ensure that their products comply with the applicable Compulsory Standard ZS 723:2008 said Mr Hamunji.
“Peanut butter is one among the more than 50 products that are  being regulated by the ZCSA and this is done done in an effort to ensure that there is product compliance”, he concluded.