Netball Zambia (NZ) has announced that it has cancelled all games that were scheduled to take place this year.
Speaking in an interview with the Lusaka Star, NZ General Secretary Pritchard Ngoma said that the games have been cancelled because of the expenses that come with having games during the current COVID-19 situation.
“The association has decided to cancel all games for the season after assessing the conditions set by the ministry of health with regards to resuming sports activities,” Ngoma said.
“Having all players, coaches and other stakeholders tested for the virus and later isolated while waiting for results is a bit expensive and was never planned for,” he added.
He further revealed that the association will in the meantime continue to hold virtual meetings and some workshops under COVID-19 guidelines.
Meanwhile, National Sports Council of Zambia (NSCZ) Secretary General, Rafeal Mulenga urged all sports leaders to show leadership while planning for various sports in the country during the pandemic.
“Every leader must exhibit leadership on how they plan on helping to protect everyone from the virus during various sports activities,” Mulenga said.

Netball Zambia players pose for a photo