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CSO-SUN – Under nutrition biggest problem in the health sector.

Civil Society Organization Scaling up Nutrition (CSO-SUN) has urged government and all Zambians to address the issue of high levels of poor and under nutrition the country is currently facing during this National Health week.

CSO-SUN Advocacy and Communications officer Mwandwe Chileshe, said about 23% of Zambian women are overweight while most children are facing the problem of stunting which is caused by under nutrition.

She said the country should realize that there is a lot of burden that comes from making unwise diet and health choices.

“If a person is living with obese for example chooses to ignore his or her recommended diet, the disease will eventually progress into other diseases such as type 2 diabetes.” Said Ms. Chileshe.

Ms. Chileshe has therefore urged the government through the Ministry of Health to realize that improving the health sector also requires addressing and educating people on issues of malnutrition.

She said programs on balanced diet and healthy eating choices should be set up in all provinces to teach people that eating well does not mean eating meat and chicken every day or only eating vegetables. Rather it should be a mix.

Meanwhile, Ms. Chileshe has commended government on its pledge to invest more in the health sector and healthy lifestyle for all Zambians this national health week.

“The President’s seven point plan for a healthier Zambia posted on his Facebook page is encouraging and shows that he prioritizes the citizens’ health,” said Ms. Chileshe.
This year’s health week is held under the theme: “Promoting wellness for all.”

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