A University of Zambia Lecturer and Researcher has appealed to government to speed up the funding process of the innovation designed to generate cheap fuel from plastic material.

Dr. Sam Sichilalu said since the outbreak of COVID-19, raising funds has been a challenge due to various problems the economy is facing.

So we are still waiting and we hope that the government could look into this matter and give us feedback soon.

he said.

The researcher has also disclosed that some investors willing to fund the innovation have not done so because government is the main source of funding.

Dr. Sichilalu added that he has not received information from both investors and the Ministry of National Planning and Development on the way forward.

So, concerning the funding… despite having the design and production material ready, the funders have not yet come on board to finance the project unfortunately.”

he said.

The researcher earlier this year stated that accessing land to set up the petroleum plant will not be a problem as he has already engaged various stakeholders in society to help him get the land.

Meanwhile, Gideon Mazyopa, a Lusaka motorist, has also called on government and various stakeholders in society to support the project as it has the potential to develop the country.

I think it is a good idea because the fuel will be much cheaper than the one we are buying now and it also creates employment for the locals and it will also help keep the country clean as all the plastics will be picked and recycled.


And Musompa Kameya, a third year student at UNZA, is happy with this new development.

The good part about it is that it brings in employment, especially to people who do not have anything to do at the moment, looking at the economy now things are bad and people are striving hard to find something to sustain themselves.”


The Poly-fuel prototype was developed in 2019 with government promising to fund the project but to no avail.