The Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ) is in the process of closing down thirty-five Colleges of Education operating illegally on the Copperbelt.

According to a Press statement availed to the Lusaka Star by Council Spokesperson Ngoza Malonga, the said colleges abrogated the Teaching Profession Act (No. 5 of 2013) that requires that all colleges of education must be registered with the Teaching Council of Zambia.

Mrs Malonga said the council commenced country-wide compliance inspections in March this year (2018), and shall spread to all the remaining colleges both public and private colleges of education in all the ten provinces.

She stated that the compliance inspections team has so far visited seventeen (17) districts countrywide in five provinces namely, Copperbelt, Southern, Central, Lusaka and North-western.

The Spokesperson further explained that a full list of the illegally operating colleges of education would soon be published in the daily tabloids.

Mrs Malonga has urged parents, students and members of the public to look out for the full list of accredited colleges of education in the daily tabloids so as to prevent any inconveniences.

Meanwhile, she has also cautioned school authorities and student teachers that it remains a requirement for all enrolled students in any College of Education to be registered with the Council by paying K100.50

She further stated that no student was supposed to undertake teaching practice without the authority letter from the Council or the Student Teaching Experience Authority (STEA).





Tapela Lungu

Tapela Lungu is an award-winning writer and former Media and Communication studies student at the University of Zambia who has a strong passion to write, read and explore. He was the Managing Editor for the online magazine. As a writer, he has a strong interest in human interest stories, community news and stories that impact human development and health.