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Squatting allowed,UNZA wants squatters to register

University of Zambia (UNZA) Dean of students John Munkombwe says accommodated students at Great East Road(GER) campus should start registering non-accommodated students residing in their rooms.

Before then,regulations barred accommodated students to bring non-accommodated students to stay together.

Mr. Munkombwe said that squatters have been pardoned for this academic year but should register at designated offices or face consequences.

“I wish to request all those keeping squatters to report and register their squatters to students welfare officers in charge of their halls of residences,” he said.

Mr. Munkombwe said the decision comes after the authorities observed a growing number of unauthorized students residing in hostels.

The Dean said without proper documentation of the people staying in the hostels, it poses a threat to security, maintenance and sanitation in the residences.

And University of Zambia Students Union (UNZASU) is happy that the authorities have considered the negotiation to allow squatters to legally stay in rooms.

“This means that despite squatting being against university regulations, no student who registers for this semester and next semester will face disciplinary action or lose their designated room due to squatting,” UNZASU Minister of Information,Research and Employment Peter Lwipa said.

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