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HH should explain the firing of ZP officials – Governance activist

Governance and Human Rights Activist, Wesley Miyanda, says President Hakainde Hichilema should explain to the nation why the Inspector General of Police and his Deputy, as well as some permanent secretaries have been relieved of their duties.

Miyanda said he was not pleased that the Police officials and permanent secretaries were fired while underperforming Cabinet Ministers had been spared.

“The firing of the Inspector General of Police and his Deputy has come as a shock because no clear explanation has been given as to why they have been relieved of their duties,” he said.

The Governance Activist said Zambians expect the Presidential instruments of power to deal with all the officers in public institutions who are negative minded to pave way for performers who are rather serious for the development of the country.

“We feel there is need for the President to do more shake up of his entire cabinet if we are to have a refined service delivery in all Ministries and other public institutions,” Mr. Miyanda said.

And another Governance Activist, Brebnar Changala applauded the President for firing the Inspector and Deputy inspector of Police; and other government officials.

Mr Changala said the police have not perfomed to the expectations of the public as there has been a total breakdown of the rule of law in the presence of the police command.

“Our children have been disappearing from time to time, the crime rates have gone up, and junkies have taken up space in our compounds and townships while the police watched,” he said.

He added these might have prompted the President to fire the Inspector General of Police and other senior Government officials.

President Hakainde Hichilema fired the inspector General of Police Lemmy Kajoba and appointed Mr Graphel Musamba as the new Inspector General of Police.

The head of state also relieved the deputy inspector General of Police Ms .Doris Chibombe of her duties awaiting re deployment and appointed Ms.Alita Mbahwe,former commissioner for Drug Enforcement Commission.

In addition, the head of state terminated the contracts of four permanent Secretaries among which includes: John Msimuko from the Ministry of Green Economy and Environment and Danny Mfune from the Ministry Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development

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