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Farmers urged to embrace conservation farming

National council of student Unions (NACOSU) has urged farmers to practice conservation farming and care for the environment to address climate change impact.

NACOSU Secretary General and National Resource Development College(NRDC) President Misheck Mumba said he believes conservative farming methods are sustainable agricultural practices that can help conserve natural resources.

He said conservative methods such as Crop rotation can improve soil fertility and reduce the risk of pests and diseases.

“As a national student body we would like to make an earnest appeal here to our families, friends, colleagues, and parents, please let us take care of our environment,” Mr. Mumba said at a press briefing yesterday.

Mr. Mumba also said citizens should habitualize the practice of planting trees and reduce cutting trees unnecessarily.

He implored the private sector to consider partnering with NRDC to provide access to state-of–the-art machinery and equipment that will enhance the students’ learning experience and skills development.

“By investing in the latest agriculture technologies, our students will be better equipped to adapt to changing environmental conditions and improve their productivity and efficiency in the field,” Mr. Mumba said.

He said NRDC is doing it’s best to implement sustainable practices to address climate change.

Mr. Mumba said NACOSU will continue supporting President Hakainde Hichilema’s administration especially during the challenging times.

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