Small Scale Farmers for Development Agency (SAFADA) says it is working towards engaging more farmers in the maintenance of food security by growing more climate-resilient crops.

SAFADA President and Director Boyd Moobwe, said a country wide venture into sensitizing farmers to grow crops that are climate resilient will mitigate the impacts of climate change on agriculture.

There is a need for sensitization because three-quarters of the crops grown by many farmers are not drought resistant and are not strong enough to effectively use ground water.

Mr Moobwe said.

He further reviewed that SAFADA in collaboration with various technocrats and policy makers will roll out a programme aimed at outlining the impacts of climate change on farming in the months to come.

More money needs to be invested into effective programmes that will entice farmers in growing crops such as finger Millet and cassava which are quiet adaptable to changing weather patterns, so funds from donors should be invested in growing climate-resilient crops.

Mr Moobwe said.

Meanwhile, the Zambia Meteorological Department said climate change is a cross cutting issue across all sectors of the economy and has called on interventions to look into its impacts and venture more in the planting of trees.



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