Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has called on the general public to ensure the use of appropriate transport method for safety of children when schools open.

In a statement issued by RTSA Public Relations Manager Fredrick Mubanga, the agency had anticipated an increase in traffic on the road as pupils across the country will be returning back to school from holidays.

“When schools open most pupils will be returning back to school from holidays and others heading to various boarding schools across the country, this will cause an increase in the traffic on the road,” Mr. Mubanga said.

He added that the increases in traffic on the road poses a great risk to all road users as traffic rules and regulations are not followed.

However, RTSA Public Relations Manager urged parents and guardians to ensure pupils avoid the use of trucks and open vans as such vehicles compromises safety of travelers.

Mr. Mubanga observed that the use of trucks and open vans for transportation of people has increased contrary to the traffic rules and regulations.

He said that buses are the appropriate modes of transport for people adding that they reduce accidents and tragedies in which many lives have been lost in the past.

The RTSA PR has cautioned all Public Service Vehicle (PSV) Drivers to observe traffic rules and regulation.

“RTSA is cautioning all PSV Drivers to observe appropriate speed limits to avoid any road traffic accidents during this period and beyond,” Mr. Mubanga said.

He added that the agency and Zambia Police will equally be on high alert to ensure that PSV Drivers avoid contravening the law.