The Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) has called on the public to be on the lookout for defective drugs that would be harmful to their health.

ZAMRA Senior Public Relations Officer Christabel Ilyamupu said it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that they take the right drugs by looking out for any substandard medicines and report incidences to the right authorities.

It is the public’s duty to report any adverse events of medicines to ZAMRA so that it can take the necessary action and allow for the right supply of drugs,


Ms. Ilyamupu further noted that it is her organization’s obligation to ensure that the public receives quality, safe, and efficacy drugs.

Meanwhile, a nurse from Malata clinic, Harriet Tembo, also encouraged the public to be on the constant lookout for anything unusual in the medication that they buy and receive from health facilities.

 Should an individual experience something unusual after taking a particular medicine, they should go back to that facility and report the matter,


She added that individuals will later be advised by health experts on whether or not particular medications are safe for utilization.

Ms. Tembo has applauded those in the public that are already taking it upon themselves to report such concerns to the necessary health facilities.

Those people [who report defective drugs] are helping save a lot of lives, as others will notice something unusual but decide not to report it,


There are instances where companies supply defective medicines to the general public; most recently is the distribution of sub-standard drugs by Honeybee pharmacy and International Drug Company which led to the dismissal of former Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya.

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