Zambia Breweries has disclosed that the has engaged local suppliers of raw materials during COVID 19.

Zambia Breweries Corporate Affairs Director  Ezekiel Sekele said involving locals in the value chain has made it possible for them to continue producing even after borders closed due to COVID-19.

Mr. Sekele said flexibility in the manufacturing industry amid the COVID-19 pandemic lightens the ability to engage local people in the value chain.

That level of resilience is strengthened to the extent which you have involved your own people,

he said.

The director added that the more locals a company involves to produce locally inclined products, the better they will out-stand economic hardships.

The only way any business can stand is by producing and growing that which is Zambian. If you are dependent significantly on the external market, it is easy to fall,

Mr. Sekele said.

He further urged other companies operating in Zambia to start using local materials  to produce local products.

It is important for Zambian companies to involve locals in the value chain because it benefits both the manufactures as they have an opportunity to get their materials and a low cost and the local companies that are able exports their abilities to supply to foreign companies,

the director said.

Meanwhile, Mubamba Sichilongo, a business consultant, said companies that get raw materials from other regions have found a challenge because they are are not able to those areas due to COVID-19.

Mr. Sichilongo added that there is need to empower local companies and provide a way for which the country would not entirely depend on importing raw materials.

Last year Zambia Breweries made a loss due to lack of raw materials caused by borders not opening during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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