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Opposition Alliance Withdraw From ZCID

The Opposition Alliance has withdrawn from the Zambia Center for Inter- party Dialogue (ZCID) in the ongoing national dialogue and reconciliation process citing lack  of integrity by ZCID .

Opposition Alliance Media and Finance chairperson Sean Tembo said the decision was arrived at owing to the lack of interest from ZCID to address issues agreed upon after a series of meetings.

“From now onwards ZCID would no longer represent our interest regarding the dialogue process and I must clarify our withdrawal is only regarding the national dialogue and reconciliation process,” Mr Tembo said.

He said ZCID is an umbrella body for political parties adding that the expectation was that it would represent interests of all political parties fairly something that the center is not doing.

Mr Tembo cited a meeting held on January 29, 2019 where the Alliance had a disagreement with PF on how resolutions from earlier meeting for a draft memorandum of understanding were being implemented.

He said PF stormed out of the meeting but instead of controlling proceedings ZCID also opted to walk out a move that clearly shows that the institution was not supporting the agenda of all political parties.

Mr Tembo disclosed that the alliance has since abandoned all efforts to address issues surrounding the draft memorandum of understanding due to lack of maturity and good will from PF and its affiliate political parties.

Meanwhile, Mr Tembo stated that the Opposition Alliance does not view the success of the national dialogue and reconciliation process as a premise to wining the 2021 general election.

He said the opposition alliance’s desire to see the process succeed was only aimed at reducing tension, conflict and chaos before, during and after the 2021 election.

Mr Tembo  added that with all without the national dialogue and reconciliation process the alliance would win the 2021 general election with a landslide.

According to Mr Tembo, the Opposition Alliance, ZCID and PF have had closed door meetings from 24th to 29th January to address issues of conflict regarding the national dialogue and reconciliation framework.

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