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Mental torture: A life and peace snatcher

Effects of mental torture among individuals is a psychological disorder. Mental torture leads to depression in some individuals experiencing it and it is more damaging than it sounds.

According to Psychiatrists, about 14.3% of deaths globally or atleast about Eight (8) million people die every year due to mental disorders.

It affects the body functions and behavioural changes in humans. Some say, “better hit the hall than keep the fire burning inside.”

It is a question of the health of an individual to pass the train of bad thoughts for instance, suicide thoughts and lonely world. A lonely world makes an individual feel deserted.

Mental torture which is sometimes called Torment, has a bad effect on individuals, it could be due to sexual issues, love matters or family pressure and thus leads to stress.

Faith Shereni, a student at Creso University, department of Psychology says mental torture affects one’s concentration, memory impairment and sometimes leads to insomnia.

“It’s not an easy journey when the mind is tortured, so many voices speak louder at once and a person might experience a feeling of confusion,” says Shereni.

Meanwhile, Chansa Mukuwa says it is not easy to deal with a person who is mentally tortured because it affects relationships for example leading to physical abuse.

“Many youths, due to abused relationships, become mentally tormented and most of such relationships end in deaths such as suicide and intense injurie,” says Mukuwa.

It is therefore, very important to ensure that one stays in a relationship that is abuse free and one is treated with love and respect to avoid such incidences.

Mental torture mainly develops from different issues and according to Sarah Mulenga, cyber bullying and online harassment could be among leading incidences which lead to mental health matters.

Mulenga says many people have gone through some kind of bullying on social media, especially especially Facebook and states that it is one of the platforms that manipulate people into harassment.

“I was a victim of mental torture, and it’s not easy to cop with friends and family, I lost all my confidence,” she adds.

“I had to walk outside at night due to failure of sleeping I begun to talk to the moon, I ended up sleeping on the ground near the bin. My family took me to a psychiatrist of that sort, thanks to the counseling that brought me back to self,” she adds.

Mulenga says counseling is an important tool to use to overcome mental torture, saying that it is a better choice to recover from all that is troubling an individual.

A person should practice non-judgemental relief to over come mental torture and surrounding themselves with other people to get rid of isolation.

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