Forum for African Women Educationalists of Zambia (FAWEZA) has embarked on using media platforms in its sensitization projects to help girls in rural-urban areas during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking in an interview with the Lusaka Star, FAWEZA Executive Director, Costern Kanchele said that the organization will engage media platforms to enhance sensitization in communities, as a way of helping youths to stay away from sexual activities which results in huge numbers of early pregnancies in the country.

The country is likely to record a huge number of early pregnancies because both girls and boys in rural and urban areas are staying home due to the COVID-19 pandemic,

Mr. Kanchele said.

He added that media platforms such as social media will help the organization reach out to young girls in both rural and urban areas, to address issues that affect their welfare.

He however said that the COVID-19 pandemic has restricted the organization in helping girls in rural and urban areas.

Mr. Kanchele appealed to sponsors and well wishers to continue helping the organization to enhance the projects of sensitization and awareness in the communities.

And the Zambia National Women’s Lobby (ZNWL) Executive Director, Juliet Chibuta, said the organization has been conducting radio programmes concerning Sexual Reproductive Health, Gender Based Violence (GBV) and how girls can keep themselves from activities that can jeopardize their future.

Mrs. Chibuta also stated that despite the organization enhancing measures to help girls in communities, challenges such as lack of electricity, poor network in rural areas and lack of electronic gadgets to use for e-learning still remain a major challenges.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kanchele conveyed his appreciation to the Ministry of General Education for ensuring that pupils in rural and urban areas are learning via television stations during the COVID-19 era.