Lusaka City Council Fumigates Cross Border Buses

The Lusaka City Council (LCC) has set to start the fumigation of buses that operate on cross border and inter-district routes against pests.

In a press statement made available to the Lusaka Star, LCC Public Health Director Christopher Mtonga said that public busses need to be fumigated frequently, as passengers come from many different areas and may contribute to pest infestation on public transport.

Mr. Mtonga added that it is the duty of the local council to conduct such activities as the public health act Cap 295 mandates it to conduct pest control even in the transport sector.

The busses ferry people to and from different places, and as council, to promote public safety, we have taken the route of fumigation as a way of preventing pest infestation on public busses,

Mr. Mtonga said.

He said pest infestations would negatively impact businesses, as potential travelers would be discouraged to use a particular bus if it had been infected with pests.

Mr. Mtonga further said that his department has engaged with stakeholders on the fumigation program.

The department has engaged with stakeholders and bus owners to help ensure the sustainability of the program and ensure that their fleet is fumigated,

he added.

The Director of Public Health has since appealed to members of the public using public transport to observe high levels of hygiene if the problem of pest infestation is to be resolved.





Mutinta Nanchengwa

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