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Erratic water supply

Dear VC,
We the students of UNZA in keeping with the faith and acknowledging how this university has changed would like to commend you for the excellent work that has been done on our campus roads, main lecture theatres and the main university library.

In a very short period of time, our campus roads have been tarred, our main lecture theatres and library roofs renovated making rainwater leakages through these roofs during the rain season a thing of the past.

However, we would like to draw your attention to other issues  like erratic water supply;  which seems to be every student's nightmare. UNZA has been weighed down by erratic water supply which has  become one of the contributing factors to constant student unrest. 
Most hostels only have water  on  ground levels and usually with a low pressure. Low pressure means little water is supplied and with the many students living in these hostels, this water is not enough to go round. This makes students to move long distances from their hostels to other water sources around campus.
Moreover,  most taps are not functional leading to water supply being cut off in most hostels. As a result of all this, students report late for classes because they spend time fetching water  for bathing as well as for daily usage.
To make matters worse, when there is no water, the ablution remains in an unsanitary state, toilets are unflushable and the smells permeate throughout the hostels making one want to hold their breath just so they can avoid the nauseating stench. 
As the saying goes 'water is life'.  Students need water for their daily use and  it is our hope that a lasting solution will be found soon.
Student Body
Letters to the VC is open to all UNZA students who would like to air out their views on issues affecting them.
Send your letters to lusakastar@unza.zm
Phone number: 0966 485 113

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