The Central Statistical Office (CSO) has launched the 2020 mapping exercise in Chongwe district.

Speaking on Behalf of Chongwe District Commissioner Mr. Frazer Musonda, District Administrative Officer Miss Laura Gondwe says the government is currently conducting the next round of the census of population and housing I august 2020.

The census process began decades of years ago and was first conducted in 1969, the second was conducted in 1980, 1990, 2000, with the last one being conducted in 2010 is conducted every after 10 years.

Mr. Musonda says this is done to provide a full reliable picture of Zambia’s population and Housing which includes various characteristics such as the demographic, socio and economic data about each locality in the country.

He said the exercise is conducted to investigate the small and special population groups and provides information about small geographic units.

“This exercise has been commenced throughout Lusaka and Chongwe districts for a month as a dress rehearsal to confirm the suitability of a new methodology to introduce innovative procedures such as tablet aided collection of GPS coordinates,” said Musonda.

He said a thorough review of the entire mapping process will be conducted and a full scale national mapping exercise will be rolled out to cover each and every corner of Zambia.

The exercise which is aimed at identifying all residential and non-residential structures, determine the size of the enumeration area and compiling a frame work or list of all housing units is scheduled to take place in August 2020.

Chongwe District Commissioner Mr. Frazer Musonda has appealed to the residents of Chongwe to co-operate with enumerators and provide them with the required information and accord them the necessary information.