An economic analyst has noted that the COVID-19 pandemic has created an opportunity for companies in Zambia to go digital through e-commerce.

Yusuf Dodia said that due to the pandemic, many companies now have support services such as the delivery services which have made it easy for consumers to purchase goods.

Due to the pandemic, e-commerce has encouraged many companies to develop new innovations and platforms for doing business and designing new products,


Meanwhile, Ndana Simataa, a University of Zambia third year student at the Graduate School of Business (GSB), said the presence of technology in Zambia makes e-commerce viable as many online platforms are able to deliver goods and services at a fast rate to consumers.

E-commerce is available in Zambia but only that some people are reluctant to utilize it as many do not know how to use technology to sell and buy things online,


He added that with the outbreak of COVID-19, e-commerce has become vital as it gives more time to study and easily buy and sell online unlike going distances to purchase items.

Simataa further said e-commerce will help students purchase necessities online easily and avoid the risk of contacting COVID-19.