… says media plays a major role by putting them in the lime light.   ZAMBIA Association of Musicians Secretary General James Chamanyazi says upcoming artistes cannot be blamed for vulgar lyrics because the media plays a major role by putting them in the lime light.
Mr Chamanyazi said this has made unpleasant songs to be on high demand by listeners.
He said desperation, lack of vision and the urge for 'bubble gum fame' has also contributed to the production of disgraceful songs.
“The media has been so unprofessional of late as they have been promoting so much of what I call ‘not family friendly’ kind of music especially on radio. If there is no demand for something, I don’t think there will be need for me to supply something. I only supply something when there is demand for it,” he said.
Mr Chamanyazi stressed that station music directors are not doing their job because disk jockeys (DJ) play unpublished music at the expense of published music.
He added that DJ’s are not provided with playlists by the station and instead, they go to the stations with music from home.  
Mr Chamanyazi said most DJ’s work for clubs and they have no knowledge on media ethics.
He noted that DJ’s just play what they call hype music which mostly contains vulgar lyrics.
Mr Chamanyazi has since called upon musicians especially the established artistes to think of developing good morals in the teenagers and help shape the culture of the nation.
He has advised artists to do upright music, developmental music that can make corporate institutions hire them to do projects for them.
Meanwhile University of Zambia (UNZA) Radio Station Manager, Macpherson Mutale said most radio stations in Zambia have ways of censoring music with vulgar and immoral lyrical content.
Mr Mutale stressed that UNZA radio has a policy that regulates the kind of programmes and music that goes on air.
He said presenters, for example on UNZA radio, who play songs with explicit content or vulgar lyrics are liable for instant dismissal.
Mr Mutale added that the station management excludes no one from the punishment no matter the time of airplay.

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