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Not All Reggae Artistes smoke Ganja- Maiko Zulu

The reggae music genre owes much of its existence to Jamaica, the country where marijuana is legal and mostly linked to reggae music by many. But is it that all reggae musicians smoke? WHEN a person hears the word ‘reggae artiste’, the first thing that comes into their mind is this Rastafarian who uses cannabis. But, is it all reggae artistes that smoke the psychoactive substance?  This is the question that a critique can ask.

Maiko Zulu, formally known as St. Michael said thinking that all reggae artistes smoke marijuana is a huge misconception that people must stop. The Kora Award winning musician further accepted that there are some reggae artistes as there are some non-reggae artistes that are substance users.

“Do a survey on people who are arrested for substance abuse, you will tell me that there are very few reggae artistes that you may find,” insists Maiko.

The Rastafarian who was convicted for being in possession of 17 grammes of cannabis in 2009 said that people should not put the nail on Reggae artistes alone, but on all sectors of life if this vice is to be uprooted from society. Furthermore, Maiko Zulu applauded the role that reggae music plays in society. He said he calls it conscious music because it is about the strong passions of people in either suffering or  joy.

“Reggae is frank and that is why policy makers must listen to it to get insights of the suffering of the people,” Says Maiko. He said reggae in Zambia is lucky because a democratic country is a fertile ground for artistes to sing their minds out.

In addition, the government announced the procurement of the hologram earlier this year which is an anti-piracy device. Maiko Zulu who is also Zambia Association of Musicians president but preferring speaking as an artiste said the hologram is just a drop in an ocean of what should be done to solve the problem of piracy.

Apart from complaining about how long it has taken for the government to implement the use of the hologram, the Rastafarian complained that measures should be put that allow artistes to benefit from online downloads.

The sensational reggae artiste is known for albums that include Justice for Hire (2009), Monk Square Revolution (2008), Mad President (2006), Reggae Unlimited (2005), Pressure (2004), In the Ghetto (2001) and different other singles.

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