The competition and consumer protection commission (CCPC) has warned individuals and businesses that are excessively pricing the cost of sanitary products for the prevention of COVID-19.

In a press statement, CCPC public relations officer, Mr. Rainford Mutabi stated that the commission conducted a preliminary investigation and noted that some traders across the country are taking advantage of the current situation to overcharge sanitary products like gloves, masks and hand sanitizers.

The commission issued a warning to all perpetrators that such unjustified high pricing of the products is unlawful as provided for under the competition consumer act number 24 of 2010 and will not hesitate to impose sanctions on erring enterprises.

In his press statement, Mr. Mutabi appealed to all business outlets to refrain from overpricing commodities as this is against the law and affects public health.

He noted that the products which are on high demand are being sold at higher prices than the usual prices.

“The commission through it’s inspectors across the country will ensure that all individuals and companies performing this act are identified and punished,” said Mr. Mutabi.

CCPC urged the public to use other hygiene products such as hand wash and anti bacterial soaps which are readily available and affordable in retail outlets.

CCPC aims at safeguarding and promoting competition as well as protecting consumers against unfair trade practices.