Transparency International Zambia President Reuben Lifuka has called upon young people to rise to the occasion and provide hope for the future to the challenges faced in the world today.

Speaking during an inauguration ceremony held by the Junior Chamber International (JCI) Organization yesterday, Mr Lifuka challenged young leaders to overcome their fears and use their skills, passion and zeal to conquer the world.

Mr Lifuka who is a beneficiary of JCI and served as its national president in 2004 said as the country develops, it needs young people who do not wait for tomorrow to make a positive change but are ready to play a role today.

I would like to tip you to ensure that you hit the ground running. As National and local leaders, think outside the box and do not limit yourselves in your plans- think big and believe in your dreams. Have a compelling vision which inspires action from all,

Mr Lifuka said.

He also encouraged the newly elected JCI national and local chapter leaders to be persons of integrity and work together for the benefit of the organization.

JCI is a leading global network of young active citizens who provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.

Through the network, young people develop skills, knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions and take positive action.



Loretta Ching'andu

Loretta Ching'andu is a Media and Communication student at the University of Zambia. She is a charismatic leader, public speaker and a seasoned radio and tv presenter. She is a youth, women, good governance advocate and very passionate about the media. Loretta loves to report on community and business news stories, often highlighting on salient issues that affect her and her community. She is a modest but very hard working young lady who consistently sets firm goals for herself. Her other area of interests include the Law and Justice system, Mental health, Sexual Reproductive health, Gender equality and Climate change.