The United Nations (UN) in Zambia has condemned the alleged activities being carried out by fraudsters who are soliciting money from the public in turn for being put on a Social Cash Transfer (SCT) assistance programme.

In a press statement availed to the Lusaka star today, the UN said the public was warned to stay alert of fraudsters who solicit money from the public in turn for the promise of a future payment.

The UN said that no potential COVID-19 Emergency Cash Transfer (ECT) beneficiary is supposed to be charged any registration fee.

The UN further stated that it will ensure that the right beneficiaries estimated to be more than 249,200 households, approximately 1.2 Million people receive the necessary financial support in all the selected 23 districts.

The COVID-19 Emergency Cash Transfer Programme is a government program which the UN is supporting through the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services (MCDSS).

The programme intends to make monthly payments per household of K400 over six months.

UN has been supporting the SCT program which is aimed at targeting the poor and vulnerable in the communities through technical assistance and mobilisation of resources since 2003.

UN supported the MCDSS with short term ECT to 92,202 households based on those already registered in the SCT program, selected in 23 drought-affected districts.

The UN is further supporting the government on a supplementary short-term ECT program for vulnerable households affected by COVID-19.