The Citizens and Environmental Social Concern (CESCo) has urged entrepreneurs to emulate other store owners who have started doing away with plastic bags, citing that they are a “nuisance” to the environment.

CESCo Executive Director Conwell Hakapya said plastic bags are harmful except for plastic bottles that can easily be recycled unlike the latter.

“ Store owners, be it in shopping malls or anywhere else should help mitigate the issue of plastic bags as it is a good move,” said Hakapya.

“We are glad that the mayor of Lusaka has declared that plastic bags will be banned in Lusaka as we have given business owners some time before the proclamation begins,” said Hakapya.

Mr. Hakapya has however recommended Food Lovers Market for coming up with a day in the week reserved for paper bag use only.

And a university of Zambia third year student in the school of education has welcomed the move by CESCo to campaign against the use of plastic bags by business people.

Eneless Mwale, a third year student studying environmental education said that plastic bags are very harmful both to humans and the environment as it does not decay fast.

She added that plastic bags also contribute to pollution as can be seen in the UNZA ground where they are left to fly around carelessly and degrading the environment.

Ms. Mwale has further called on relevant authorities to consider coming up with policies that will support the cause that CESCo is fighting against.