Minister of Mines and Minerals Development  says Government will ensure there is transparency and accountability in the extractive industry in order to curb corruption and also help drive the country’s economic recovery.

Speaking during the official launch of the Opening Extractives  Programme in Zambia, today, Paul Kabuswe said his ministry  will also ensure that all players in the mining industry are licensed so that the gains from the country’s mineral wealth are used to support the well being of Zambians.

The country is endowed with resources such as oil, gas and other minerals which have to benefit the entire country. Therefore, the  extractive industry has the potential to add benefits to the people through the natural resources that the country has.

he said.

And speaking at the same event, Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development Permanent Secretary, Sakwiba Musiwa said his ministry has continued to play an active role in accelerating  the issuance of mining licenses.

To better appreciate the gaps and opportunities obtaining in the policy and mining  operating environment, a scoping study is underway which will culminate into a detailed institutional assessment during the first quarter of 2022,

he said.

Meanwhile, Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), Global Secretariat Executive Director, Mark Robinson has thanked the Zambian government for adopting the  Opening Extractives Programme as it will be beneficial to the country’s mining sector.

The Opening Extractives Program is meant to support approximately 13 countries and aims to transform the availability and use of information beneficial for effective governance in the extractive sector.