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Consumers complain about unsolicited promo messages from mobile phone service providers

Stiff competition among the three mobile providers has resulted in them sending promotional messages to users at awkward times AIRTEL, Zamtel and MTN Zambia mobile phone users have complained about the number of promotional messages that are sent to their phones without their consent.

One of the subscribers, Joseph Musengo, said in an interview with the Lusaka Star that it was irritating that Airtel, ZAMTEL and MTN had continued sending promotional messages at awkward times.

Musengo said it was unfortunate that the three mobile phone service providers had continued to disturb the consumers through messages and phone calls to advertise their promotions.

“I receive calls on +454 or 505 and messages such as ‘dial *440# for Airtel football’ and these usually come when Iam busy or late at night," Musengo complained.

He said that the three major telecommunication providers, should keep their stiff competition amongst themselves instead of continuously calling and texting their customers.

“I thought ZICTA as the regulator of information and communication did their job last year and restricted these mobile service providers from sending promotional messages to their customers,” he said.

Another customer, Mulonda Mulonda, said Airtel, Zamtel and MTN were also expensive in their internet service bundles despite thepoor internet connectivity on their internet modems.

“Among the three mobile service providers, Airtel has proved to be most expensive in both calls and internet. It’s so unfair that 75 kilobytes can finish in less than 10 minutes,” he said.

Meanwhile, Competition and Consumer Protection Commission Public Relations officer, Hanford Chaaba, said the consumers's right to choice was being violated as they were not being allowed to choose what they wanted to listen to or  receive on their mobile phones.

“It’s very unfortunate that our rights are being violated by these mobile phone providers and without our permission as consumers of their services," he said.

 Mr. Chaaba called on ZICTA to ensure that mobile phone service providers got permission from the mobile users before they could call or send their promotional messages to them.

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