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Engineers emphasize Digital Migration sensitization among Zambians

THE Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ) Vice President for Policy, Public Relations and National Development George Sitali has urged engineering professionals in the country to sensitize Zambians on the importance of the digital migration project the country is undertaking.

Speaking at the EIZ Discussion Forum on Digital Migration  and Water and Sanitation Delivery in Lusaka, Mr. Sitali said engineering professionals have a role to play in ensuring that the country understands what digital migration is all about.

He said it is no secret that many Zambians still lack awareness on digital migration and what it entails.

“Digital migration is an important transition that will affect all Zambians and requires a lot of sensitization for its objective to be achieved. There is need to continuously enlighten the Zambian people on the transition”, he said.

Mr. Sitali added that the implementation of the digital migration should put consumers interests first. 

And Digital Migration Task Force Member Malolela Lusambo who is also Director of Engineering at ZNBC highlighted some of the benefits digital migration will have once it is achieved. 

“Some of the benefits digital migration will have once it is achieved would include better picture quality, more channels, reduced intereference and also providing the Zambian people with access to many more services and information,” he said.

He further said that broadcasters would also save on costs by using single broadcast infrastructure instead of independent parallel networks while entrepreneurs will be able to cash in on associated ICT services and in the local content and creative industries. 
Lusambo emphasized that the task force is committed to ensuring that digital migration is fully implemented by the year 2014.

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