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Engineering Council Chairperson says the recognition of Zambian engineering professionals by industrialized countries will enhance opportunities for multinational manufacturing companies to outsource operations to the country which will create job opportunities for Zambians.

Speaking during a press briefing by the Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ) on the commencement of the EIZ process towards joining the International Engineering Alliance on 4th December 2019, Eugene Haazele said that this would advance and enhance educational quality and global mobility within the engineering profession.

The International Engineering Alliance is a global entity whose purpose is to get members to work together in order to advance educational quality and enhance global mobility within the engineering profession,

Haazele said.

Haazele went on to say that the practicing certificates that the Engineering Registration Board of Zambia currently issued, which have not been acknowledged internationally, would finally be recognized in all member countries as representing competence in the field of engineering.

The current state is that a University of Zambia (UNZA) Engineering degree, as an example, is not acceptable by the Engineering Council in the United Kingdom (UK) for registration as a professional engineer. Simply put, this means when one goes to the UK with an UNZA degree, you are not a graduate engineer. This sad state of affairs is what our institution wants to end.

The President and Chairperson of the Engineering Council said.

Haazele said that the improved competences will facilitate the development of sustainable and bankable local small to medium sized engineering industries that will create jobs and wealth for the Zambian citizens.

He further stated that engineering organizations will experience increased efficiency and competitiveness as well as an essential feed into delivering value to shareholders.

Members of the International Engineering Alliance include countries such as the United Kingdom, the Unites States of America, Japan, South Korea, China, South Africa, and Canada.

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