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Three UNZASU members cleared from suspicion of theft.

The University of Zambia Students Union (UNZASU) president jones Mwewa has confirmed that three UNZASU leaders who were accused of misappropriating funds from UNZASU are now free.

Mwewa said UNZASU has no account as a union but only writes letters to management if they need anything or any projects to be done from management.

UNZASU President Jones Mwewa
UNZASU President Jones Mwewa

“It is not easy for any member of UNZASU to steal money as there are 17 signatories in the process of withdrawing money”, He explained.

He added that the UNZA judiciary did not find any case on the three UNZASU leaders because the Union does not have an account in their name.

The accused were Hakamu Himaanga UNZASU vice president, Clement Kaponda secretary general and Julius Zulu UNZASU treasurer and others including the chairperson of council of hall representatives.

The accused were alleged to have been suspended due to misappropriation of UNZASU funds.

The Student leader said there were many misunderstandings in the procedures followed to withdraw money to be spent by the Union members, he said people did not understand the procedures and that is what caused the accusations.

Mwewa further, disclosed that all the funds spent by the accused members have been accounted for and every member is now free from any form of suspicion.

“Every activity that happens at the University of Zambia is accounted for, for example: the fresher’s bash yearly event and the Jubilee celebrations were all accounted for”, said Mwewa.

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