Minister of Higher Education Professor Nkandu Luo has reiterated the need to reduce the dependency on government to provide tertiary education.

Professor Luo said total dependency on government is not the best way to deliver education in the country.

She said her Ministry  and the  Ministry of General Education were committed to transforming the education agenda in the country

“Some people who come back from other countries to ensure they make extra money for their education. Students need to use their talent and do much more for their education,” Professor Luo said.

The Minister was speaking on Thursday during the launch of the Integrated Outreach to Tertiary Institution for Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health at the University of Zambia.

And on the launch of the health initiative, professor Luo said the health outreach initiative will help improve quality education as students will adopt health practices and have more information to reshape their lives for the future.

Meanwhile, University of Zambia Student Union Religious Minister Rosa Banda has prayed for God’s intervention to make the Ministry of Higher Education to rescind its decision to remove meal allowances for first year students.

Ms.Banda said the Ministry of Higher Education should look into the basic needs of students by improving shelter, sanitation and ensuring that the meal allowances for first year students was reinstated because food was one of the basic needs.