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Musenga hails Livingstone Subordinate Court Covid compliance levels

Children’s Environmental Health Foundation (CEHF) Chairman General Michael Musenga has expressed pleasure in the approach Livingstone Subordinate Court is handling Covid-19 compliance levels.

Speaking during a sensitization meeting at the Livingstone Subordinate Court premises Mr Musenga said that it was fundamental for law practitioners to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances of human society and the actions portrayed by Livingstone Subordinate Court showed their commitment to ensuring that all National Health Guidelines by the Ministry of Health-related to COVID-19 were followed.

He said that in as much as it required lawyers, courts, judges, and others involved in the justice system to reevaluate how they would operate in a rapidly changing environment with regards to COVID-19, staying safe by ensuring all COVID-19 materials were all in place was fundamental.

Mr Musenga said that clients and other stakeholders that were visiting these premises also needed to make sure that they had all the personal protective equipment too.

“We visited the court with Livingstone City Council on 19th December 2020 around 09:00hours with the same aim of documenting COVID-19 chemicals and waste consequences of the pandemic. We must say we were quite impressed with how they have managed to adhere to all the compliance rules and guidelines,” he stated.

Mr Musenga further thanked the Clerk of Livingstone Subordinate Court Mrs Frorence Kunda Kalimbwe for the good arrangement and reception that made the CEHF team have a successful visit to the Court.

Meanwhile, Senior Resident Magistrate Hon. Ireen Wishimanga mentioned that the wearing of the mask was mandatory for everyone within the premises of the court.

She added that hand washing, and sanitizing was a habit with every doorway and entrance having either hand washing basin and sanitiser.

Senior Resident Magistrate Hon Wishimanga said officers on the premises were given personal Hygienix sanitiser and that in the court chamber, only the accused person with the case with the witnesses was allowed.

In a case where accused persons were many, they made sure that social distancing was observed.    

“To enhance prevention, we disinfect the premises twice in a week and in the holding cells every day in the morning supervised by the Senior Clerk of Court,” she said.

In ending, the Senior Resident Magistrate gave a suggested that people should be sensitized about Covid-19 in their local language so that they fully get the information and understand it.

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