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‘Keep UNZA Clean’ campaign gains momentum

THREE University of Zambia (UNZA) student bodies have joined hands to enhance sanitation at the institution through the ‘keep UNZA clean’ campaign. THREE University of Zambia (UNZA) student bodies have joined hands to enhance sanitation at the institution through the ‘keep UNZA clean’ campaign .

The three bodies; University of Zambia Council of Hall Representatives (Hall reps), University of Zambia Student’s Union (UNZASU) and the University of Zambia Environmental Education Students Association (UNZAESA), have decided to work hand in hand to improve the environment and sanitation at UNZA .

The campaign was launched earlier this year on February 22, 2013, as an initiative by UNZAESA which is under the School of Education to keep the university environment clean.

Council of hall representative chairperson, Erickson Hagenimana told the Lusaka Star in an interview that most hostels either have very few trash bins or none.

He said as part of  the ‘keep UNZA clean’ campaign, the council intended to purchase bins for all student hostels.

“Plans are underway to purchase more bins for the hostels that do not have and those that have few bins,” Hagenimana said.

And Council of Hall reps secretary of the Sanitation Committee, Misheck Kakungu said the bins that the institution had were destroyed during the recent renovations.

He noted that the construction workers were using the bins to carry building material causing them to get damaged, hence the reason for the shortage of bins in some hotels.

Kakungu said the council has intensified its participation in the ‘keep UNZA clean’ campaign to ensure good sanitation on campus.

He explained that the campaign takes place every Friday from 08:15hrs to 09:00hrs and is undertaken by members of UNZAESA, the council of hall reps and other interested parties like students and lecturers.

Kakungu stated that the campaign was also aimed at keeping the institution clean by picking trash from hostels to encourage and set an example to other students.

Meanwhile, UNZASU president Steven Kyengula said UNZASU was organising a fundraising luncheon with the corporate world to raise funds for the purchase of bins.

“There are no finances in our account to facilitate the purchase of the bins, therefore alternative means of funding are necessary,” He said.

Kyengula added that the Union would push management to allocate atleast 50 percent of the maintenance fees paid by students to the Council of Hall reps for the purpose of such ventures.

“The maintenance fees that we pay should be used to purchase items such as bins, curtains and other material needed in most hostels,” he said.

And Fourth year Demography student, Jane Nakazwe said there is need to assign  people to empty trash bins during the weekend if good sanitation was to be achieved.

“The available bins are too small to hold the dirt which ends up spilling especially when the cats tip the bins over. As students we are responsible enough to throw trash in the bins but when they fill, what are we to do?” Nakazwe asked.

Nakazwe said this was an urgent matter that needed immediate attention from UNZASU and university management. 

The Institution has recently been hit with a shortage of bins in most student hostels.

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