An autism awareness foundation has stressed the need for society to identify autism early in order to ensure that appropriate action and treatment is implemented.

Mulenga Autism Foundation Social Worker Humphrey Chansa said citizens must avoid stigmatizing people living with autism and instead embrace its existence in order to be enabled with the knowledge of how to treat them.

Mr. Chansa called on government and other stakeholders to support people living with autism by accepting the condition as a reality.

People housing someone with autism should also speak out and become advocates so that we can all play our part in sensitizing people about this,

Mr. Chansa.

And Mwansa Muhandu, a psychologist working with the foundation said citizens should not self-diagnose and assume any act of social disorder is autism.

There are many facilities that offer services. Pediatricians and hospitals help refer you and suggest that you do an assessment,

Ms. Muhandu.

The psychologist said as the month of April is dedicated to autism awareness, she hopes that society will engage in serious conversation that will see an inclusion of people living with autism in positions of impact even in work places.

We urge the community out there to celebrate these individuals, to embrace them, to be an inclusive society and above all, to offer support to their families,

Ms. Muhandu.

This comes in light of the World Autism day celebrated under the theme ‘Inclusion in the Workplace: Challenges and Opportunities in a Post-Pandemic World’.

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