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Zambia fashion week set for October 17

Rita Chiyayika

ZAMBIA Fashion Week organiser and Afro Multi Media Productions director, Karen Nakawala has confirmed October 17 to 19 as the official date for this year’s Zambia Fashion Week.

Speaking during the audition held in Lusaka, Ms Nakawala says the on-coming event will create a platform for models to try out their skills and promote their modelling career.

Ms Nakawala says the fashion week will act as a platform for top-flight designers and a launch pad for aspiring designers as it exposes designers' new and finest fashion developments.

She confirms that about 20 models have already been sellected for the show to be held in October.

“20 models, both male and female have been picked for the October show”, Ms Nakawala explains.

Ms Nakawala adds that fashion is always changing, slightly elusive and can be extremely seductive. she laments that fashion has the power to transform an image and make a social statement.

“For some of us it is almost a religion and every fashion lover in Zambia looks forward to the annual Zambia Fashion Week,” Ms Nakawala said.

The Zambia Fashion Week has evolved rapidly to become the ultimate fashion event of the year in Zambia.

The Zambia Fashion Week aims to expose Zambia’s fast-growing fashion industry both locally and internationally. The  prominent annual event has gone from strength to strength, drawing an increasing number of media and audiences.

It also strives to establish a glitz and glamour event, building relationships, creating opportunities and encourage excellence in quality making.

In bringing together the fashion industry, Afro Media is responding to the growing need for an annual events that focus on the growth of the Zambian fashion Industry.

Organisers of this event will facilitate this by including designers, buyers and sellers, educational institutions and others that complement the industry.

Ms Nakawala says the fashion week has slowly started gaining international recognition and has this year opened its doors to international designers. So far designers from Malawi, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Nigeria have confirmed participation in this year’s event.

The industry is contributing to the growth of the Zambian economy by building and creating sustainable development through creative ideas.

Prominent brand names such as Mo Creations by Charity Nyirongo and Kutowa by Towani Clarke which have become household names  are among the designers that have been showcasing their talent in and around Africa at different renowned fashion shows.

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