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Chaponda’s hilarious return inspires local comedy in Zambia

Renowned Malawian comedian, Daliso Chaponda, is set to make a triumphant return to Zambia for his second comedy show this June at the popular music club, East Park. 

With his unique blend of wit and humor, Chaponda aims to bring laughter therapy to the audience while providing an invaluable learning experience for local comedians.

Topsy Sikalinda, the event manager, expressed his excitement about the upcoming show, emphasizing its potential to uplift spirits through laughter. 

“People should expect a great show with nothing but laughter. It’s an opportunity for the audience to have some physiotherapy through laughter,” Mr Sikalinda said. 

Highlighting the significance of Chaponda’s visit, National Publicity Secretary and Comedian, Kazungo Emmanuel Ndeya, known as Ken Dumbo, highlighted the international exposure that Chaponda brings to the local comedy scene. 

“Chaponda has performed in the United States and many European countries. Having him come to Zambia for the second time gives the local comedians an opportunity to learn how standard comedy is done,” Ken Dumbo said. 

He further emphasized that Chaponda’s extensive experience and performances on prominent platforms make him a valuable resource for local comedians. 

“ Having been in the industry for some time and performed on larger platforms than most local comedians, Chaponda has vast information when it comes to standard comedy both locally and internationally. The local comedians should take advantage of this opportunity for information exchange and networking,” the local comedian added. 

Among the excited fans awaiting Chaponda’s return is Bupe Mbewe, who considers the comedian as an inspiration. She spoke highly of Chaponda’s ability to brighten one’s day with his jokes. 

“I can not wait for him to come. I’m pretty sure he will make me laugh until I cry. He is such a good comedian,” she said. 

Chaponda gained international recognition after reaching the finals of Britain’s Got Talent, showcasing his talent and winning the hearts of millions. His ability to connect with diverse audiences and deliver hilarious performances has made him a beloved figure in the comedy world.

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