For days news feeds have been buzzing with the revelation of a Zambian man who bears a striking resemblance to famous American comedian Kevin Hart.

This Kevin Hart look alike has not only Zambians, but Americans too, stirring on whether he is real or not.

The man, who has been identified as John and goes by the TikTok name Arabmoney44, has not been found on any other social media platform nor has he revealed himself amid the buzz.

Hart’s fans gave comments and tweeted;

I wonder if you are as short as Kevin.

Are you using Face App?

Are you sure you don’t need to go to Maury?

In an interview with the Breakfast Club, Hart expressed his shock and said that him and John look like they were birthed from the same mother.

This guy actually looks like me. It’s not a joke. He looks like my brother

the comedian said.

Hart confessed that at first he thought John was playing with a filter. But after looking at the videos for a second time, he realised it was real.

When asked whether he would reach out to John, the comedian said no as it would be weird.

After watching the interview, Hart’s fans including those in Zambia took to their socials to express their disappointment with his decision to not reach out to John.

What a goofy response Kevin. Knowing where you are from gives you a better sense of who you are and where you come from. Don’t let the slave ship be your beginning! Our culture is rich!

one wrote.

John, who now has over 10.6k followers on TikTok and more that 64 thousand likes on his videos, follows Hart but the comedian has not given him a follow back just yet.

However, him not revealing himself has led to Hart’s fans concluding that perhaps he is trying to mislead the world.

Some have taken screenshots from the video as evidence to show that a filter was used, which still cannot be proven until John is known.

Artists such as Singer/Songwriter Abel Chungu have expressed interest in knowing who the Zambian Kevin Hart look alike is.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Zed Kev, please let me know, we need to confiscate his phone. This man’s running rampant.

he said.

Chungu posted this on his Instagram accompanied by a video of John lip syncing to his hit song Extra Time.

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